Find the Future Buyers Earlier in Your Funnel

Pretargeting increases the efficiency of your early stage marketing spend by identifying prospects with the greatest potential.

The Best of All Worlds

Pretarget combines the precision of search advertising with the personalization of retargeting. But unlike those mediums, it can be scaled indefinitely, and is proactive, reaching customers before they've "raised their hands" to express interest.

The Right Solution
at the Right Time

Find prospects experiencing the problems your product is designed to solve — before they start actively looking for solutions (and discover your competitors!).

How Does Pretarget Work?

  • Prospect List

    Let us find prospects or use your existing list.

  • Build Profile

    Build prospect profile from public & proprietary data

  • Score & Categorize

    Score prospect potential & categorize by size and category.

  • Nurture & Convert

    Customize outreach according to prospect potential & interests.

Use Case Examples

New TLDs

Many small businesses are not happy with their domain name. All of the best domain names were taken years ago, and premium .com domains now cost tens of thousands of dollars. New TLD domain names offer small businesses a second chance at getting the domain name they really wanted — with the added benefit of context and meaning. The challenge for those selling new domains is that their potential customers are not even aware of the existence of new TLDs as a solution to their problem.

The number of potential customers is so enormous — 23 million small businesses — that traditional untargeted awareness marketing is too expensive. Pretarget lets new TLD registries focus their marketing spend on the customers who are most likely to want to upgrade their domain name, and even predicts which domain names they will want to upgrade to.

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Registrars & Web Hosts

Web hosts and domain registrars benefit from an enviable number of customer relationships, with the largest players like GoDaddy and having a business relationship with millions of small and large businesses. Unfortunately, the primary products they're selling to those customers (domain names and web hosting) are commoditized and very low margin. How to sell more to your customers when their needs are as diverse as the business landscape itself?

Pretarget collects data on each existing customers' web presence to identify their most pressing website needs and match them to the appropriate product or service from the web host or registrar. Customers appreciate the personalized and proactive recommendations, while web hosts and registrars benefit from improved retention and increased revenue per customer.

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Beta Prelaunch Lists

Many startups make use of prelaunch lists to begin collecting prospects even before they launch a new product or service. Done well, a prelaunch list can include many thousands of potential customers, and help the new product launch with a bang rather than a whimper. But how do you know which of your prelaunch prospects are most likely to convert? What marketing messages will move them beyond curiosity to action? Which merit special attention like personal follow-ups or demos?

Pretarget can categorize and score your prelaunch list to find the diamonds in the rough, including influential prospects like bloggers and social media mavens, and potential whales like Fortune 500 companies. Better nurture leads by tailoring marketing messages to each customer profile. Reach out to offer extra assistance and establish a personal relationship with key prospects early on to make sure they don't lose interest.

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About Pretarget

Pretarget is a new project from the team behind the innovative online marketing software CanIRank? (SEO competitive analysis) and Lightship (actionable analytics). We believe in the power of machine learning to tame data overload and deliver actionable insights and recommendations to make your online marketing more effective. Our team consists of data geeks, Stanford/ Berkeley-trained engineers, and passionate pixel-pushers.

You may have seen our Founder speaking at a conference like Internet World, Affiliate Summit, or Search Engine Strategies, or interviewed in Forbes, CNET, or the Wall Street Journal (but probably not, unless you’re as geeky as we are). When not delighting in massively multidimensional data mining, you might find us climbing walls in Yosemite, sailing on the San Francisco bay, or queuing up for Pliny the Younger.

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